Stranger Things: The Game App Reviews

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It. Was. Awesome!!!

I loved it! It was really fun. Great quests, challenging, but not too hard. So please! Lets get some new characters for it! (Maybe like kali or steve or jonathan)


BEST GAME EVER HANDS DOWN!! i loved the game as much as the show


I deleted the game not on purpose but I redonlowed it now I’m back at the beginning 😕


I really enjoyed this game! I love it! There should be one for season 2🙏🏻🙏🏻💯

Love it.

This is a great game. Just like Zelda.


It is such a great app! It was challenging, fun, and was super cool! I REALLY HOPE THAT THEY KEEP MAKING MORE LEVELS BECAUSE I FINISHED IT!!! It's really good and if you love Stranger Things, you will love this. By the way, there are no spoilers in the game

Stranger Things

i love love love this game! it’s awesome! i’ve been playing it for like 6 hours straight! no ads, or anything! it is just like a 1984 video game! you should definitely get it!

Hard but great 👍

This app is pretty hard. It is wonderful and fun, but if you die once, you have to totally start over. But other than that it’s in gods shape. If you like stranger things, man you’re going to love this game. It’s amazing! Five stars ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️

Great game. And it’s really free

I loved this game. I’m not a big gamer but when I was it was in the Nintendo and Sega days and a little later on the game boy. This was so much fun. And there were no ads. This was a really nice way to give back to fans! I hope there are add ons soon!

Best 100% FREE game to play!

Seriously the best game! 100% Free, NO ads. It's simply wonderful and much effort was put into this awesome game. This game won't make you try and buy coins, no in app purchases. It's awesome! There's so much packed into this game, collectively it took me 9 hours to defeat from start to finish at 100% I am so impressed by this game I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. Download! This game is just amazing, even if you aren't a Stranger Things fan, anyone can play this. 5 stars for one of the best strategy games I've played in such a long time!

#1 best Phone Game

So good especially if you like stranger things, still good if you don’t. Biggest bonus is that it’s so good and SO FREE!!! Thanks developers!!!


I spent a total of 10 hours on this game, I just finished 100%. I want MORE! This is honestly the best game i have ever played on a phone. It is very smooth, easy controls, fun story line and it compliments the show and the characters perfectly. I'm crossing my fingers hoping for another game! Thanks for the fun! :)

Nostalgic and fun!

I really love the nostalgia that comes with this game. Takes me back to playing Pokémon and Mario Brothers as a kid. I’m addicted to this game, I can’t put it down. If you enjoy collecting items as well as point-and-click adventure style games then this game is for you. Another great thing is that so many of the show’s characters are included and have their own little sayings. The map is quite large and it takes a good amount of time to find all the collectibles. It’s relatively easy to play but still offers some challenges. My only complaint is that almost every boss fight has been a bit too easy. I wish they were a little bit harder so it took me longer to complete the game.

A little bit annoying

Because whenever I get killed it will make me go back to the beginning I get annoyed 😡😤🤯 but besides that it’s really fun and good 🙂🙂

From one to ten = Eleven

Liked it, waiting for new updates. Thanks

This game goes to eleven

After binge watching Stranger Things, I binge played this game. No regrets — if you're a fan of the show, this game will keep you entertained.

Good game but needs work

I absolutely love this game, but there is one part that I am confused about. In Chapter Two in the forest maze, there is one room where I cannot seem to lead the bear to break the tree trunk. I’ve tried so many different ways, and frankly I’m getting very frustrated. If you could please take a closer look at the part of the game, I would appreciate it.


Everything is accurate, i didn’t come across any bugs, and it’s very detailed and goes on for a long time, which I like because it’s an awesome game. I hope all the people who get this app are true Stranger Things fans, if not, then become one. Don’t change this game at all, but maybe come out with a second version for the second season, even though there are already things in this one that are from it like Max.

I need help



i love this game!! im wondering if there will be more added on now that season 2 is out. i hope there will be


This game is amazing and addicting but there are flaws: 1- please make it easier ti egg coins amo and health 2- I paid for amo (with in came coins I had saved up on) and it game me nothing it took my money but gave me no amo!! 3- You cant click anything with Lucas with out wasting amo 4- new characters are to had to unlock But besides that it is a fun entertaining app

Awesome game!

I got in on my FireStick but after I couldn’t play it out on the go I had to get it on my phone. Love this game :)

"?" 🆒🈳!

I've seen people play it but I've never played it NVM IT SEEMS COOL BUT WONT DOWNLOAD?!!??

We need Steve as a playable character

It would be good and Nancy with the gun and Johnathan would be in the game

Need more...

I’m giving the game 5 stars because I loved it! However, I do have a complaint. By the time you get all the characters and character upgrades, the game is over. There should either be more chapters and tasks, or you should be able to get all the characters sooner. I prefer more chapters and tasks! I wasn’t ready for the game to be over.

Great fun!

A really fun throwback to 8-bit action/adventure games! Well done!


I have never enjoyed a mobile game more than I did this game. I have one request, GIVE US MORE!!!

Good game

Was an awesome game but was not like the show it only had the characters that were like the show but a good game.


I love this game but why did the developers change Max’s powers? update: I’m frustrated that I have yet received a response.

Can you add Steve

Could you add Steve Harrington if so thank you so much I love this game and never stop playing!


I love this app. It’s great. I finished it so fast I was so addicted!! Recommend for those fans!!!!!!!!!

Dis game right herr doe!

Off the chain. No ads, retro feel, and you don’t finish the whole thing in 15 minutes! Oh Golly! I’m playing bits each day just so it’ll last longer. I recommend you get it.

Love it

I really liked this game it took 2 days for me to finish it make more games of this kind and keep up the great work, well this is a pretty small review


Okay I’m in love with Stranger Things and the game. But I was very far in the school and I died and it restarted me at the store where I previously bought rocks for the slingshot. So I had to go all the way back. Please make a save button! Like, when you pause it please add a button that lets you save it before you die or leave! I hope you take this into consideration! Thanks! 😊

Great game

Ok so I was just looking for an app when I saw this. I am a big fan of the show so I thought cool. I opened up the app and was surprised at the exploration and the challenging ness of the game. It is a great game if your into dungeon explorer. I recommend this game to everyone but don’t play it before you watch the show because there are some spoilers in the game. The on thing I didn’t like was that when hopper went into the upside down the level was short and easy. I haven’t finished the game yet but so far it’s great. Also I like that it’s like a stranger things RPG. It is fun and a good time waster. It has at least four hours of fun. I love the puzzles in it and think they did it perfectly so if your not sure yet if you should install it you should because it’s an overall great game.

Five out of five eggos

This game is really awesome, mainly because of the graphics and music of old-style games. Also, it follows the storyline of the popular show. I watch people play it, and it is very entertaining to watch. Therefore, kill the mind fla... actually, that’s kind of a spoiler....

Good Game

This game was and I really loved but some of the characters you have to unlock until season 2 comes out. Also, WHO YOU GONNA CALL! G-ghost busters? W-what? NO! Stranger Things... Let me get back to playing stranger things w-what you thought this was a review?


This is one of the best 8 bit games I have ever played. I need more:)

Love the levels/quests but want more!

This game was better than expected but i would love to have more quests


So much fun! Especially for someone like me who grew up in the 80s

I love it as much as I love the show!

I have absolutely loved ST since the first time I watched it. I’ve seen both seasons two times and still get excited about watching it. This game fill the hole in my heart when I finished the show. This game is amazing. It’s extremely addicting and I wish it were longer. I hate that I beat the game already because I enjoyed it so much! I fully recommend watching the show and playing the game. I hope there’s an update when s3 comes!

Amazing Game

It brings me back to when I played the 3ds and game boy I would play another game if the game developers made one

Amazing game!

this was an incredible game. i have had so much fun playing it! Sadly though, one day i went to go play it and all my data was gone! i was very sad like i am today. i wish i could still play this amazing game. i was on chapter 6 or 7 and had unlocked all of the characters as-well and was so close to getting all quests done. but the game reset unexpectedly. i very much so request this game to any fan! have fun, mouth breathers😁 should i stay or should EGGO?

I love this game !!!

I couldn’t even put my phone down after downloading this game. When I found out there was a video game version of stranger things I went crazy. I LOVE this game!!!

Fun, creative, just hard enough

Nice job developers. Super creative, great homage to an era. I hope you keep making more content, because I wish I could keep playing.


Listen I LOVE this game. But I have done everything 100%, all quests, hearts, eggos, tapes, but my game says that I completed the game only 99.3%. The game is great, but how do I fix this issue?

Really good app.

I LOVE this game just like i love stranger things. I gave this a five star rating just like the show. Really Frusterating and hard. SO ADDICTED.

Ode to 1984

Loooved this game. One of my favorite iOS games to date. BUT!!! If you wanted to make this an authentic 1984 experience, you should have 3 lives, and maybe a continue on the harder mode. Real NES style. Then you start the game completely over. This unlimited lives crap didn’t start until PlayStation came out. The soft nancies of video games. Get hardcore!!


the game especially the classic mode can be a bit frustrating but other than that it’s great!

One of the best apps I’ve ever played

An amazing fun app based on my favorite tv show that doesn’t use the freemium game model! 5 stars good job this game deserves all the praise it gets and I hope they make more games similar in the future just like this one and game developers can learn from this game.

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