Stranger Things: The Game App Reviews

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Great game!

When will the sequel be available for download?

Good App!!!!

This is good for stranger things fans,and the series is turned into a game,how crazy is that!,but if you guys can,can you guys make season 2 of ST cause I wonder how it would look like in this kind of game!

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it’s a good app

it is overall a good game it just needs to be more like the actual show in my opinion

If you like Zelda

You will love this. Enjoy!


Luv it!! Best app ever! I recommend u to play it!


When I am on my iPad I go through the AppStore and download a game but minutes later I get bored of it and delete it. But I played this game for hours. I love the way it’s completely free! Like there’s no “Buy this game to get 100% of the experience! Only $9.99,” I shouldn’t have to pay to get the full usage of a free game!!! I loooove the graphics!!! I recommend this to people who just want to play games. People who don’t wanna pay money or watch adds! Totally love this 💕 🤩😃

So good

I love this game! It made the waiting for season 2 a little easier. Hopefully they update this game with a new scenario or make a second one before season 3 comes out.


This game is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replayable and fun!

I pretty much enjoyed everything. It was challenging (in a good way) and even after you 100% finished it, you could still find little hidden areas if you didn’t get them on the first go. One minor thing that isn’t very important is just me wondering why Johnathan or Steve weren’t playable. That’s about it. Other than that little extra thing, I enjoyed it (so much so that I lost sleep lol).

Sad it was over😭

I LOVED this game! I spent 8+ hours playing it and was so sad that it was over. I have been looking since for a retro game like this but haven’t found one. By far one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. Please, when Stranger Things season three comes out this game HAS to be updated for the new season. That would be so fun and would temporarily fill the gaming hole in my heart because I finished this game. ( until I finish the levels on the possible update) Even an update for season two would be cool. (Please do that) If you are thinking of getting this game, GET IT. It is so fun if you are a Stranger Things fan. I played this game after season two came out, and it was still SUPER fun for me.Five Stars. I wish I could give it more.


I just finished playing this game and thoroughly enjoyed it. The quality of the game and setting itself, as well as the puzzles and challenges, were all deeply satisfying. The retro arcade-styling was very befitting too, of course! However, I was very disappointed to find that after I unlocked Eleven, there were no more dungeons or quests. This was disappointing because I feel as though the other characters had their place to shine and utilize their unique skills against bosses, but this was not to case for Eleven. She is very important and powerful after all, and that deserves to be showcased better. Edit in response to developers: Thank you so much for your response. That being said, it would have been interesting to play her against a boss equal in strength and intensity - the cherry on top of an already delectable cake, if you will. Thanks again for this wonderful gem.

Favorite game

Okay, I’ll admit, I didn’t think I’d like this game so much but now I’m kinda addicted 😅 The story line is interesting and the game is really fun to play. Also the characters are ADORABLE


Hands down, the best game I’ve ever played on mobile.


I started playing this game the second I was done with the show. I have to say I was skeptical at first because I wasn't a fan of dungeon/puzzle games. But after finishing I was just in awe. This is by far one of the best games I have ever played on a phone. My only complaint is, I want more! At the end of this story they talk about the Slime King when the four boys are playing D&D. So... MAKE THAT THE NEXT ENEMY!!! Also, make a separate story line for the demogorgon and demodogs. It would just add so much more to the game and make it even better in my opinion. So PLEEEZ MAKE MORE! Also I love the free game without ads so if you are planning to make more games, make it free and without ads. Please respond so I know that the developers know my ideas are out there and if you like them or not. Thanks, A loyal player

I found them all

The eggos

Great App

I Love This App But i Was Hoping for a Mileven Moment but Its Still Really Good☺️ and if there is one well i guess i havent gotten to it yet


I had so much fun with this! It’s easy to set down and pick up again. Engaging for short bursts or for long periods of time. I absolutely love that there are no in-app purchases. You just play and enjoy the game as you would have in the 1980s.

This app is so outstanding

Make a part 2


This game has everything you need! I love it! And it doesn’t finish quickly, it takes a while which is great.


the game is purely awesome but it’d be better if there were more characters and chapters added :)

So dang good!!

I rarely write reviews but this was so good that I needed to write one. I love Stranger Things, retro games, rouge like dungeons, and a challenge. And this game does it all! I’ve spent nearly 8 hours in the past 2 days playing, and I’m still only 89% completed. There’s so many secrets, side quests, a huge map to roam around, and fun characters with their own abilities! I can’t rave enough about the lack of ads or asking me to pay money. It was just pure, fun gaming. Please please release a sequel!!!

Stranger Things: The Game Review

I love how this game is just like the original “The Legend of Zelda” videogame in the 80s, only with a Stranger Things theme! It’s so fun playing as Police-Chief Hopper, and seeing his perspective on things. I like how the developers set the game’s time period in between the first and second seasons. Also, it’s free! There is no reason whatsoever NOT to download this app. I would recommend it to anyone who loves Stranger Things (obviously) and old-school pixel platformers.

Stranger things game

I love the game sooooo much I’m a super fan of stranger things

Awesome game

I think this game is awesome. Please put more playable characters such as Steve and johnathan. And if you could it would be awesome if you could add more chapters when season 3 comes out. Thanks.

so fun

This app is so fun! I’ve been playing it for DAYS, it does not get boring and I’m still not done! 11/10 would recommend:)


This game is so freaking fun! And it’s just like the show!! And I am only on level 2😂 but they should make game like this when season 3 comes out!!! Thank you for making this game!!!! GREAT! Quality, and fantastic entertainment!


Okay so Stranger Things is already my favorite show. Now there's a game?! ITS SO MUCH FUN AND GREAT! Can't wait to play more!!!


The game is amazing except for one thing, when you lose a boss battle you have to restart from the beginning, this is extremely frustrating and makes me throw my device across the room because I get soooo close then die and I have to restart. If you could put checkpoints in boss battles that would be great. Also slugs give 3 damage to your health and a bullet is only one! WHATS UP WITH THAT!?!

Needs to be updated

This game was amazing, so much fun and really replicated the classic video games. Please please please update it and add more quests, I’ve already replayed it 3 times while waiting. Need more!!!!!!

Game is great but ....

I think the tentacle hydra boss is way unforgiving far more than it should be and in the storyline main mission dungeons you should unlock max before the hydra level and if you could make it so you could play season one game as well as season two Fix all of these problems ant you'll get five stars

IT the game

I absolutely love this game and I think it’d be fun if you made an IT version of the game so that I have another fun one to play :)


I absolutely love this game. I've played it like 3 times (classic and normal) it is so much fun and I love all the detail in it that relates to the movie. This is my favorite game because when I play it, it satisfies my craving for stranger things since season 3 isn't going to be out for a while


The game is awesome but for max how do i get the psychic ability cause i only can throw coins


Okay I’m in love with Stranger Things and the game. But I was very far in the game until I had to get a brand new phone because of an issue, so I then later reinstalled and signed into my iCloud account and all that jazz. So a couple minutes ago I open my Stranger Things app and then I go to play and then everything was gone and I mean EVERYTHING! My progress, my characters, and items. I literally started back where Hopper has to answer the phone. I had spent hours on end trying to beat this game and I was so close and now all is gone. I’m so sad and deleted the app. I wish that there was a restore button because I’m just so upset about this. Please make a restore button. Thank you if you read all of this. 🙂

Omg this is the best app ever

I love this app so much! I love stranger things and I was hoping for something fun to do. It was awesome. I give this five stars. I could play this all day! Thank you for such a great app!

Highly Recommend!

When I first saw this game I wasn’t that interested, but boy am I glad I gave it a shot. This is probably the best game I have ever played and completed 100% on my tablet. It’s very addicting and fun, challenging but not impossible, and it’s FREE! You don’t have to spend a single penny to complete it. There’s lots to do and lots to unlock, but I think the real reason why it’s so great is because it’s Stranger Things! Fans of all kinds will certainly enjoy this game. Thanks a lot guys!

Amazing game but..

So I love this game so much but.can you make it to where theirs more launches other then English like English Spanish French german Dutch danish Chinese Japanese Arabic Greek?? I’m just asking aslo when.can you make more tasks for the game if not are you Tips Max’s wheel is in the highschool her joystick is in the upside down help Steve to get Nancy’s nail bat and yeet


Amazing work devs. But I’m sure everyone is thinking what I’m thinking!! We want new chapters.


I haven’t ever watched stranger things and I love this game, it has lots of puzzles and confusing tricks, I hope this game updates with many more seasons!!

OMG!!! Best classic game ever!

I was looking for something like classic Zelda and came across the Stranger Things game. I’ve only played a little bit but I’m totally in love with the game!!

Amazing FREE game!

I’m a huge fan of the show so I decided to download this after hearing about it for so long. Since it was used to promote season 2 and was a free download I was expecting something that would maybe be a few levels and then be over but, boy, was I wrong. This is a full-length Super Nintendo-esque game that provides several hours of gameplay and tons of side quests. You can really tell a lot of love went into the game and the best part is that the game is legit free. There’s no ads, no annoying micro transactions. Like free free. I’m hoping they come out with another game to promote season 3. If you like old school games like The Legend of Zelda this game is ideal for you.

God is good 🙏🏻

I am so addicted to this game, I downloaded just because I am a huge fan of stranger things and never have I heard of this game before so I decided to download it because it was an 8-bit game. Love old school retro games such as Pac-Man anyways, I started to play the game and I didn’t know what to expect but I instantly became so addicted to it. Spend so many hours playing it the first time on the game!! GET. THIS. GAME. On the plus side there’s no add and requirement to buy anything in the game

Great game

This game is really awesome! I just love it to bits. I would be really awesome it the developers could add airplay functionality.

It’s okay

This game is really good for fans but it also gets really frustrating and hard so be warned

Get This NOW

INCREDIBLE game. 8bit nostalgia. Amazing midi audio. Reminisce of Zelda play style. Stranger Things theme. If you like any or all of the above, you need to get this. I could not stop playing much to the dismay of those I was on vacation with. Literally refused to put my phone down to keep chuggin away! Can’t wait to come back and do it all over again.


Pls add season two so the game could be longer nd have a better story I would enjoy it to have a 2nd part

Pls sequel

Lol it’s amazing

Second game

You did awesome on the app, you should make a season 2 game!


Maxine: *breathes* Mike: YOURE NOT IN OUR PARTY

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