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This game is fantastic! I love the nostalgic 8 bit feel, it reminds me of early legend of Zelda games.

Great game but one suggestion

I’ve played this game only to the part with Nancy and it’s a great game so far but me and my friend would like play game together so you should add multiplayer thanks

Best App Ever!

I am a huge, huge, HUGE Stranger Things fan, so when I saw this as Game of the Day, I instantly downloaded it! I can’t believe it’s free without any stupid in-app purchases! I beat it 100% in about five hours (yes, I didn’t stop for a break) and it was literally the best game I have ever played. The music was great, the animation was amazing, and the levels were perfectly challenging! I love all the characters (Eleven and Mike being my faves) and the different collectibles that you get. It’s honestly super fun just to roam around Hawkins doing nothing but seeing what happens if you press on the Byers’ television while being Nancy (“My favorite music video is on.”). Every detail is so well thought-out, and I just love Netflix and BonusXP for creating this masterpiece! But I have one question: Why does Max have psychic abilities in the game if she doesn’t in the show? They later updated this to change her ability, but I’m still suspicious...

2d Zelda

This game is basically a 2d Zelda game being a youngster I missed out in this stile of game during there hay day and this game allowing me to see what an amazing thing those games were

Max’s New Power Makes More Sense

Thank you for updating Max’s power. Her new power makes so much more sense.

Fun and Challenging Adventure Game

This game is a perfect example of how to do retro right on a touch device. Classic 8/16 bit style gameplay in a way that makes sense on a touch device without resorting to an on screen gamepad. Fans of the show will be rewarded with story elements, but even if you don’t watch the show it is a solid game by its own merits. Literally nothing bad to say about it other than I wish there was more!

Moar please!

Charming, well executed game. Now that I have accomplished everything in the game, I hope they add chapters.

Top 10 Game on iOS and it’s free!

Easily one of the best games released on iOS and it’s given away for free, with no strings attached, no weird ads, no videos to watch, no crystals, energy, micro transactions, or anything else annoying about modern games. If this came out for the SNES back in the day it would have been an instant classic. Add in the fact that it’s all the best of Stranger Things and ARPGs, and you can’t lose. Just download it and give it a shot, there’s nothing to regret.

Love the game, but...

I love everything about this game, except for one thing: I wish the devs would add an option to change the controls to a virtual d-pad/action buttons. Not a fan of the tap-somewhere-on-the-screen-to-move-there method so many mobile games employ. Often it causes mistakes to happen, such as when you are in the library, and need to get past the security guards with flashlights, but don’t want to waste Dustin’s pudding packs. Other than that, perfect game. Lotsa 8-bit charm, and the music is pure Stranger Things. Highly recommended!!!

Love it!!!

I love this game! Very addictive!!! 👍🏻

Great game

Fun and not too difficult.

Loved it

I really love the game but i just got stuck in chapter 5 where i have to find the the eggo in the underground but i can’t i spent hours trying to find it and searched everywhere but i can’t find unless i stopped the rushing water which have nothing to switch it off, its just confusing and i can’t move forward with game any longer!! Please someone response.

Loved this game until..

This game is seriously so addicting. I have played it non stop. I loved this game until i was stuck in the forest maze. I opened all doors except for the third door which says i still have was switch to turn off. I’ve hit all four, yet it’s still saying i have one more when trying to open the door. Not sure what the issue is. Otherwise, a very addicting and true game to the show.

Nintendo needs to jump on this and make it a DS game

Hate getting ads when you play games? Sick of people sending you app invites on Facebook for their game that makes them wait thirty minutes to move to the next level? Disgusted that you feel like you have to pay for your phone apps??Love RPGs and 8bit gaming?? ADDICTED TO STRANGER THINGS? If you answered yes to all of these questions, this free game is completely for you (no waiting for ads to play to move forward, no paying to get to the next level sooner; just straight video game playing). You will destroy your phone battery by 9 AM playing this game. You will find excuses to make nap time earlier for your children so you can play uninterrupted. You will eat cold dinner leftovers for breakfast because you have no time to do anything but play this Stranger Things game. Nintendo absolutely needs to partner with this game creator and make it a DS game once the entire series is completely done (I haven’t finished the game yet, but I’m assuming with how big it is, it won’t be over until the series is, which I’m sure would mean there will be add ons). I would gladly pay to have a DS copy of this. Y’all done good. 10/10 will recommend.


I thought this was a fun and challenging game, and even though it can get very challenging, I would never stop playing! It is amazing, for Stranger Things fans, or someone just wanting to have a great game! It's honestly my favorite game, and it's free!

Loved it

Felt like it was a throwback to old school Legend of Zelda days. This is a great game.

Seriously awesome

I cannot believe this game is truly free. I would have no problem paying for this game. Absolutely love it!

Love but I’m stuck with no help on the internet.

I️ got to chapter five when I️ Tried to get to another room with my keycard that I️ had just got. The game said that I️ did not have a keycard so I️ went back the room with the keycard, but the chest was open with no keycard. I️ don’t know what happened, and I️ can’t do anything but run out of pudding for Dustin and die by running into guards. The game is stuck and I️ don’t know what to do. I️ would give five stars if my game was not stuck. Update: Thank you! That helped a lot and now I’m finished with the game! I️ sooooo hope that there is another update to the game and have more characters available!


When I go to a level where you use the flashlights to on two people in the dungeon to open the door in the gym on when I go to the gym and do that the door doesn’t open when are use the flashlight on them. Response:thanks😀 I love the team


I cant hear any music or sfx

Stranger Things x Pokémon

This game is fun as hell. It’s a must if you grew up on NES, SNES, or Sega. I thought it was just a bs tie in but it actually is a full game. Hopefully it keeps expanding but it’s worth it for any fan.

beat game

I love the game but I beat it and now I have nothing to do can u please make a season 2 of this and also sorry for bothering you if you are.

Best game ever!!!

This game rocks 🤘 Thank you for that and keep up the good work!

Just one thing

This game is really fun but I cant figure out how to unlock the locked areas. When do you go to different “levels”? How do you progress in the game? Can someone help me out?

Love the game but

I’m kinda disappointed that that the season 2 update and expansion was so little in comparison. The game played through too fast this time.

Best iOS game I’ve played

Jeez I’ve finished the series (season 1 and 2) and this is a really good game to tide me over till season three I am however stuck on the quest where you have to find nance in the woods it is really annoying me but what evs still an awesome game

Best game I've ever played

This is the best game I've have ever had and played I love the show and I want a big update soon with more collectables and chapters!!

Solid nes style open world Zelda game

I really was surprised at how well developed this title is!

LOVE it- want more!

I had a little trouble getting to 100% on my own, but I looked up a walkthrough to see what I hadn’t finished and I was able to complete it. I had so much fun, and I love Stanger Things. I just want more!

Great Game!!!

Love this game. Surprisingly, it is completely free (no ads, no micro transactions). The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the controls (or lack there of actual controls) can be frustrating at times.

iPhone X

Please add support for iPhone X, because the screen is not fully the game, there is black stuff on the edges of the screen.


I started playing this game the second I was done with the show. I have to say I was skeptical at first because I wasn't a fan of dungeon/puzzle games. But after finishing I was just in awe. This is by far one of the best games I have ever played on a phone. My only complaint is, I want more! At the end of this story they talk about the Slime King when the four boys are playing D&D. So... MAKE THAT THE NEXT ENEMY!!! Also, make a separate story line for the demogorgon and demodogs. It would just add so much more to the game and make it even better in my opinion. So PLEEEZ MAKE MORE! Also I love the free game without ads so if you are planning to make more games, make it free and without ads. Please respond so I know that the developers know my ideas are out there and if you like them or not. Thanks, A loyal player

Amazing game!


Mind the glitch

Played for about 15 minutes and already ran into a glitch preventing me from moving on in the game — the keycards I’ve found did not accumulate, and now I can’t continue the game. It was fun... for those first few minutes. Otherwise well designed

Great games 🤘

Hopefully later on it slowly improves because on the map nothing isn't really highlight in houses so sometimes u have to guess which house it is or where is it other then that it's a really great 👍 game.


I don’t ever write reviews and I still refuse to watch this show BUT this game is amazing! My only issue is that it’s too short:)

Fun but glitchy

I finally deleted the game because of too many glitches, originally in the forest I released a bear but before I had it kill a bad guy so I could access the trunk for a key card. Once the bear fan off there was no way to kill the bad guy. I had to delete the game and reinstall it then start over. Second, in the high school I destroyed a cart before moving it to the switch to open a door, the cart never came back. I deleted the game, reinstalled it, started all over again, but when I got to the high school again the cart was still not there. I gave up an deleted the game.

It’s a very Good With It’s Only Downside Is....

Very good addictive game especially if you are a big fan of Zelda like Dungeon RPG with a open world. Only Down is the levels are very short/easy(even on classic mode), you only get Eleven at the end of the game, and Maxine’s powers are very similar to Eleven.

Actually a Pretty Good Game

It’s a complete nod to the NES/SNES era games. Reminds me of Jurassic Park for SNES. It’s actually great. Needs to WiFi... no in-app purchases. Great little dungeon puzzles. Only downside would be having a hard time understanding plot or characters without seeing Stranger Things season 1 first. Take note! This is how you promote a show/movie... heck, it’s even how you make a game (at the other mobile game developers). Great job, download now!


it has that old retro style and enjoyable content mixed in with a new and addictive concept with the show ❤️❤️❤️

Great game. Played it multiple times!

I love this game and was super excited for the last update that coincided with season 2. However, I was expecting much more of an update for a whole new season (rather than a couple of extra side missions). Just had to find something to complain about, haha. And that’s all I could think of. Undoubtedly, there will be more to come! I hope, anyway. ;)

Best game

As a ST fan I loved this game I completed the whole game in about 10 hours.

Love the game but...

I love the game and all the characters and the music and everything EXEPT that in boss fights of you die then you have to start the entire fight from the beginning. I have spent 4 hours on the tentacle hydra and only god to the fourth stage. If every time you die and go back to it and it started on the stage you left off on that that would be much better in my opinion. It’s just frustrating that I’m stuck at a super hard fight and can play the rest of the game until I finish it.


I am amazed by how well developed this game is. It looks and plays like a true classic video game, similar to Zelda : A Link To The Past. I haven't been able to put it down. It is legitimately great and would have been one of the best SNES games if it had actually been released in the 80s! Would be awesome if a sequel was developed in the future, or if at least more tablet games were released of this caliber. Can't recommend it enough!

Great throwback game

Takes me back to some of my favorite classic games from childhood, but has all the bits I love about Stranger Things instead. I highly recommend this app for all the 80s Zelda lovers out there... or any stranger things fans 😊 Please make more!


I love this game so much and it took me a long time to beat so many levels. I got the game on my TV and I have to start from the very beginning and complete all the chapters again. Can there please be a way to save progress on another device with like a code or something?

Wish I could make a game account

This game is extremely amazing! I love how it’s almost exactly like the show and it was even a bit challenging. The only thing I wish though was that this game had an account so that if I got a new phone I could just sign in and all my game progress would be there instead of having to start over.


Really enjoyed this game all around. Solid retro styled adventure. Fun beating bosses and finding all the upgrades and hidden items to reach 100%. Played like a gem on the iPad. Want more!

I'm no gamer

I freakin loved this game. I rarely play games and this was awesome! I wanted it to keep going. I was bummed it ended so quickly

Very good

For a free game this is fantastic. But some of the traps combined with clunky controls can lead to a ton of frustration, especially in the Library. And the owls were annoying. But the rest is pretty great

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